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People (Retained HR support)

Skills, Behaviours & Attitudes – ensuring you give your employees the skills and knowledge to do their job is key to growth. We help you identify the drivers of your business that will ensure delivery, and the message that guarantees engagement of your employees. Resulting in enhanced organisational performance.

Managing Performance – when things don’t go well, or employees become disengaged (which let’s be honest, can happen!) our HR team are on hand to help you navigate through the challenges of dealing with poor performing employees or teams.

Rowan Insights – allows you to see exactly where your business is performing in excess, and where you may need to focus your teams or make changes. Via a monthly subscription, you will have access to a dashboard that means you can keep a finger on the pulse of your business; we can tell you which teams are performing well, where training and support may be needed, identify any trends and finally any recommended actions to improve the people side of the business.

Each contract is supported by our Rowan Insights so you have access to what is happening each month, allowing you to see where we are working with your business. Contact us for more information on our retained option and Rowan Insights.


Organisational Design & Processes – as your business grows so does the need for more structure and process. We help you identify the right structures and processes needed for where you want your business to go in the longer term, whilst being mindful of not letting processes impede growth. It’s a balance of the right level of governance and compliance alongside ensuring the spirit of your company remains.

Restructures – reorganisation is sometimes inevitable due to legal ownership, operational, profitability, or just being better organised than at present. Whatever the reason, through our experience, we help you understand and define the stages needed to support a restructure.

Legal support – through a network of commercially focused, trusted advisors, we offer a full legal support service for all of our clients.

Moving forward

Moving Forward (Progression)

Leadership Development – Coaching & Training – No one runs a business on their own, we all need support on the journey, and the team around you can define the success of your business. Through expanding the performance capability of individuals in leadership roles within your organisation, you can ensure your business will grow. Like any approach, it’s not achieved through a single stage or step but rather through a journey. Working with you, we define that journey, the stages, and the training and support needed in a manageable way, for both yourself as a business owner, and your team.

As trained PI Analysts, we work with you and your teams to identify the right people, and then unlock their potential by working on the right skills, behaviours and competencies to ensure success.

Non-Executive Director support – Non-Executive Directors (NEDs) can bring valuable insights to your organisation, we act independently to the business, offering you support and advice on key aspects of your business. We bring insight from our experiences, take away the emotion, challenge where needed and aid decision making. We see your business from a broader perspective, helping you connect with networks, and contribute to the development and direction of the organisation.

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Onsite/Project support

Offering operational support and advice to business owners and managers. We can also come in and work alongside your existing managers and advisers to provide support to your organisation.

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Monthly HR retainer

This service is appropriate for those wanting regular telephone or face to face contact, whilst allowing you to budget in advance.

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Pay As You Go

Means that you can use us as and when you need, to obtain specialist advice or HR support on employment matters. Our hourly rates are clear and transparent, so you can see exactly what costs you are incurring as you go.

We are flexible and just like our business solutions, tailored to your individual requirements. We work with clients to ensure that we deliver to your requirements and are happy to scope your needs on a per project basis.

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