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All of our courses and workshops are designed to support you in growing your business and managing your teams and individuals. We know that running a business is hard, we’ve done it, and we also understand the challenges that building and managing teams can bring, which is why we offer a series of workshops that enable you to manage and grow your business.  Our aim is to help you answer that all important question, “why can’t they just……”

If you are looking for an onsite team session (more than 5 people) please contact us to arrange a suitable date and time.

Completing our workshops will help you:

Our Workshops:

We’re delighted to offer a series of collaborative (HR) surgeries with a mix of practical advice and guidance to help you deal with your HR challenges, we’ll also be hosting guest speakers in subjects such as recruitment, employee engagement and employment law.

After 20 years in the HR world there is not a lot that we don’t know, and not a lot that we haven’t heard when it comes to managing employees or dealing with the many forms of HR paperwork at our bi monthly event we’ll open up our doors to talk to you about any and all HR issues you may be facing.
  • Perhaps you’d like to explore the most effective contracts and employment status to engage and retain staff as you grow?
  • Ideas on how to restructure your business to ensure growth or manage a period of change.
  • Or maybe you just need some practical help or advice with managing performance of teams and individuals.
  • We’ll also give you the opportunity to share your tips and techniques with others in the group.
Whatever it may be, grab a coffee and come and join us.
No question too small or silly to ask!

If you would like to discuss your people challenges in a more confidential environment, get in touch and we can arrange a 1-1 session.

Duration: 9:00-10:30am every other month.

Delivery: Zoom

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Do you run an SME, or have the responsibility for HR in one? In the current climate, are you keen to develop your ability to engage with staff and sympathetically handle often challenging but essential conversations? If you are, this session will strengthen your resolve to tackle those hard-to-have discussions.

Workshops last 2 hours and can be run online or face to face, we also offer a free 15-minute consultation post course to discuss any current challenging situations

Delivery: Zoom

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In this fun and interactive session, we’ll talk about your goals & aspirations for 2022 and
beyond and take you on the journey to a roadmap that delivers growth through your people
enabling you to build a business that is sustainable, focused on growth, and gives you the
freedom to get back to what you started in business for.

Duration: 2 hours

Delivery: Zoom or Face-to-Face

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67% of employees are predicted to leave their current job over the next 12 months, with the
leisure, hospitality, retail and health sectors being the hardest hit. So, how do you ensure
your business is not a victim of the ‘Great Resignation’ and that you continue to attract and
retain the right people for your business?
With average costs of up to £2500 per employee lost, getting the right people who will stay
and help you grow your business is now vital and will be what sets you apart from your

Duration: 1.5 hours
Delivery: Zoom

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